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Love's Deception

RICK MARTELLA, a middle aged man enjoying an evening out is suddenly confronted with the love of his life, CHRISTY SCHRADER whom he hasn’t seen for some thirty years.

His mind races back to a time they first met and the six year long relationship that followed. A love romance tangled with lies and betrayal.

Rick opens his heart to her without reservation. While professing her love for Rick, Christy rambles through one affair after another. Each time taking a piece of Rick’s heart with it.

He desperately tries to move on with his life but Christy keeps pulling him back with her words of love. A potion of deception that keeps him hanging on to an empty dream of a life together with Christy.

Words that she whispers over and over to hold on to him because of her own fears and insecurities. And his sincere belief in her words will finally break him.

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