Love's Deception


A middle-aged man enjoying a night out sits at a bar in a restaurant when his haunting past walks through the door. The love of his life whom he hasn’t seen for some thirty years.

The initial shock sends RICK MARTELLA into a frenzy of emotions while attempting to evade her detection. As he contemplates what to do, his mind races back in time to a love that began so pure and innocent to one riddled with lies and betrayal. A love that left a hole in his heart of which he could never fill and so much pain his dazzled eyes refused to see. A love that broke him but in time made him stronger to move on to a happy life.

Love’s Deception is a unique story of the joys love can bring and the devastation it can bestow on someone so young and not prepared for the power of its wrath.

A young boy witnesses his father senselessly gun down by a notorious gunfighter. From that moment on, Jim Lawson vows to make sure the same fate would not befall him or any other member of his family.

With his father's Navy Colt revolver, he practices until he becomes so fast, the likes of which no one has ever seen.

And when he meets a beautiful bewitching young Mexican maiden, his fate is sealed with a kiss.


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